I just bought an Optima SP20 typewriter

I just bought an Optima SP20 typewriter, in Polish layout. It costed me 39PLN + 21PLN shipping.

It is an electronic typewriter, of German production, based on a ZILOG 1701 processor, which, as seller says, “is similar in semantics to c64”.

In the posting it was described as equipped with an original ink ribbon, and previously serving for “machine print” on labels of 3.5” soft floppies for Amiga. “Very beautifully those labels present, if someone wants even a book could be written on it.”

Said to be from 1996, the mention of what is followed by “no guarantee due to the age despite it being operational”.

The seller then ends the description with saying that he secures the parcels well, and that if someone sometime would mess up the settings — indentations and other parameters — and wouldn’t be able to reset them to factor settings, he will provide guidance on how to perform a “restart 0”.

The parcel is due to arrive in the first few days of March.

I hope to use it as a typewriter, as a printer (does it have an interface?) and am curious about what can be done with that c64-like processor.


Seller’s pics from the posting:

top view — Elek-Maszyna-do-pisania-OPTIMA-SP20-ZILOG1701.jpeg

inside view, on the ZILOG 1701 — 64f707e743078ddec07c3bbe45df.jpeg

bottom view — 41e0d04e454a9278634f90d4b493.jpeg