My hoping for grade on Education on informational resources 2019/20 @ WMI AMU, **UPDATED**

There is a course here on WMI AMU that gives zero ECTS but is obligatory and serves as just making sure that students know how to use library and how to cite and stuff. It is called “Education on information resources” (“Edukacja informacyjna i źródłowa”, literally “Education on information and sources”).

The last academic year i somehow missed being signed up for it, and also I thought it is just a single class happening in meatspace in the library. I still don’t know how it was the last academic year.

This year i got correctly signed up to its Moodle, immediately got emails from its forum, it seemed like i have to just browse all the presentations and browsing them all will give me the passing grade.

Except I was using either Firefox with no-scripting-by-default and no-3rd-party-assets by default, or Brave Browser with its settings also chosen very restrictively, and also stuff like referrer do not work in it. So I hope that me not using a clean vulnerable Chrome didn’t cause it to not work somehow.

Because the whole UI does not give any feedback whether i did ok with browsing through all of the presentation.

And as I still see no grade in USOS, and I don’t know whether I am supposed to, I am just hoping that I won’t end up with it adding up to my count of course retake-passings.

UPDATE, Feb 12th: The head of the course just did a capslocked email saying that he will post the grades next Friday (Feb 14th), and “if after this term someone will not see an entry then please contact me quickly via e-mail”. So I guess it is all fine.

I am also wondering whether i remembered to take the test for “Foundations of OSH” (“Szkolenie BHP”). I guess i gotta search chat logs about it. I think I did. But what if i didn’t? I have the grade from last year, but I guess it can not be rewritten.

EDIT: To be sure, i did the test again, passing it and getting a note that it will be added to USOS within a few days. So maybe I didn’t have it after all. Well, I must say that it is much easier on AMU than on NCU (UMK).

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