Seeking a way to blog privately: I made a Diaspora account

I have decided to try creating a Diaspora account on a pod (instance) operated by a third party, choosing for no good reason.

My account there is mkf@diasp.org

As I am still hesitant to rely on that pod, unsure whether i could be at risk of losing data there, i am not sure if i will choose to use it for the purpose for which I am presently using Google Sites.

Maybe I will cross-post. That way I wouldn’t lose data. Except, do i trust that pod enough for that — about my private posts.

Either send me your Diaspora handles, or send me your Gmail addresses. I will add you to the respective one of the two.

Please suggest me other ways how can I blog privately with per-post ACLs. I know I could write my own site for that but damn that takes time.

Also, idk how Diaspora handles the comment visibility issue… hopefully I can just disable comments under posts there

I am somewhat hesitant to use such popular instances of federated social networks, seeing how much people dislike places like