MKFmindposting on Google Sites

I have recently been considering having a platform for privately shared thoughts, but always being annoyed with twitter or fedi private accounts having only one designated “circle”, in Google+ nomenclature.

And Google+ is defunct now.

So I decided to set up something that would have proper ACLs. Besides Facebook, which is bad&boycotted, and also presents the ACLs to everyone included in them, my only option seemed to have some kind of a website.

I considered Joomla with has ACLs, but decided to just use Google Sites Classic, inspired by the idea that SharePoint has ACLs.

(It was troublesome to setup Joomla in an ephemeral-serverlessly and resilient way… on Heroku. So I gave up on that.)

Note that to create a Google Sites Classic site yourself, you have to navigate to

So, contact me mentioning your Google Account email address and i will add you to ACLs of my newly created mkfmindposting — or — so that you see any posts on there.

Update: see here a newer post in which i consider cross-posting to Diaspora